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UI/UX Design Services

The following data speaks about the importance of the work of a UI UX design agency:

≈40% ≈40% of surveyed users will not work with a site or application with an unattractive appearance
>70% >70% of web studio owners said they plan to expand their UI/UX development services in the next few years
>90% >90% of people will not trust online stores and other sites if they have a poor design
≈65% ≈65% of people prefer to shop on mobile devices, which gives a new impetus to developing high-quality, responsive apps
>70% >70% of web studio owners said they plan to expand their UI/UX development services in the next few years
≈65% ≈65% of people prefer to shop on mobile devices, which gives a new impetus to developing high-quality, responsive apps

Move from ideas to sustainable prototypes

UX stands for User Experience. It encapsulates the experience that a user gets while interacting with your product, starting with your mobile user interface.

Center your design around user experience

UI\UX design services defines the measure of adaptability and functionality of a specific application. Besides, it sets the foundation of users’ relationships with your company and first – your product. And UI evokes emotion. Therefor, the more straightforward, more usable, and more suitable for the user the interface is, the easier it will be for your clients to find the information they need or make a purchase. Here’s an example of how it works in a mobile app UI UX design case study

Wireframinging for to the win!

Wireframes of the user interface is the principal concern of UI designers. UI / UX is a combination of designed to meet the user's goals on a web resource as quickly and efficiently as possible by taking into account behavioral factors and a comfortable visual environment. Our experience shows that a harmonious combination of UI and UX creates a perfect design. We always strive to give your products the greatest ease of use and user-friendliness possible.

Making complicated easy for the client

UX design benefits come easier with our teams analyzing user behavior, and experience, and testing software architecture, user interface adaptability, and functionality. We focus on mobile application development solutions, that produce results for the client.

Test your ideas in advance

Our UI designers, who use various tools to build the foundation of the projects and the primary visualization of the interface. Those become prototypes of your app. Testing your ideas, allows you to be sure of every step of the user journey before the journey starts.

Use all the tools to accomplish maximum success

We adhere to an individual approach and the use of various methods and technologies when designing a user interface for each site or application. Quite often, it requires a whole team of specialists from different directions. We are professional custom mobile app developers, we study users' behavior, emotions, and actions while working with a specific user interface. Also, we engage in creating intricate, though understandable app architecture. And to top it off, we test the product at all stages of its creation. Check out an example of ow we do it in a case study for UX/UI food delivery app.

First, we will choose a strategy. Then, we will talk about a step-by-step action plan.

Define your UI/UX design strategy

When optimizing an interface, our UI UX design company is guided by the following requirements:


We provide our clients with a lack of ambiguity in the user interface. Our teams define the right direction to lead your user towards the goal


We avoid the overload of the interface with many controls and graphic objects to ensure a straightforward and intuitive user journey


We construct a specific application design in a way, that even a first-time user achieves the desired goal


All pages of an application or site we create adhere to the same style. All controls work the same to achieve a coherent brand voice


We create attractive interfaces because a compelling design is the first step to selling a product

Straightforward prototyping

The prototyping stage in our UI design company is given much attention when creating applications. Prototyping is multifaceted and combines both freehand sketches at the first stage of design generation and interactive layouts that are most similar to real applications. Furthermore, each type of prototype can serve different situations and purposes. Therefore, choosing the most suitable prototypes for solving urgent problems for each stage of work on the application is necessary.

An interactive prototype is useful if
  1. The application architecture implies a custom scenario, for example, getting a user signature.

  2. The application is in the early stages of construction, but it will be beneficial to test part of the script on users.

  3. For the efficient development process, the team will show the precise user interaction via a clickable prototype to demonstrate the stage of work, and the logic of the user interface.

  4. A brief and clear demonstration is scheduled. A clickable prototype will pleasantly surprise stakeholders, which will be a plus for you and the team.

  5. It is necessary to explain or promote the application idea within your company or impress a potential investor.

A presentation cannot replace a prototype of a finished application. That's why we prefer interactive prototypes that help with tasks, where it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

For Startups

We follow our polished process that prioritizes startups’ businesses needs and their target audience’s preferences. After launch, our team works on efficiently adjusting the flows to evolving product versions.

  1. We create scalable design.

  2. We build an efficient workflow.

  3. We conduct user testing in an early stage of production.

  4. We provide a quick idea-to-market turnaround process.

For Businesses

Existing businesses turn to us when additional opportunities, design improvement options, or the need to reach a new market arises. Using data-driven UX and creative UI, our UI designers help them reach the goals and markets that are blocked or missed today.

  1. We improve conversion.

  2. We increase the efficiency of flows or add additional flows.

  3. We check the user statistics, formulate and test hypotheses related to user’s behavior.

  4. We unify and modernize the style.

Best practices


Simplified visualization of controls

When designing for a digital brand, we strive to create something visually new and exciting while communicating essential things. Icons and images go hand in hand to set the tone for the user experience and invite them to embrace your brand identity and ethos. For example, many users intuitively understand that the triangle button in the audio player menu means "play" and the square button is "stop." Your site has an excellent springboard for user engagement with your product and brand by focusing on using icons and images in your design.


Comprehensive design

The intricacy of the design process itself, allows the product to become more comprehensive. A standard online store, as an example, can be a basic trading platform. It turns into a multifunctional portal when added online catalogs, video reviews for goods, and user's accounts. One of the critical tasks of a UI design company is to make the user's path for performing various targeted actions as convenient and straightforward as possible.



A design set for scalability is the next step in enterprise-level design. Creating a sitemap, and separate components in Figma, allows your app or website to go to the next level and flourish much easier and faster with the growth of your business needs and requirements.



The consistent grid layout across the screens communicates expected interactions to the users. Hence, they become familiar with the brand and navigation. Just the way we’ve illustrated in this UI UX design for mobile app case study.



Composition is the cornerstone of any project involving design and user involvement. We take pride in using proper focal points, envisioning unique CTAs, putting them in place and in correct proportion. To leave a lasting impression on the design, we use succinct brand colors in proportion with brand guidelines.


Aesthetic balance

Design equals function multiplied by aesthetics and context. Thus, we strive to include both the latest trends and classic approaches in our design. More so, we are capable to accommodate both the needs of a startup, with a great rate of change and growth, and a vested enterprise with an established brand voice.

When developing a new project, our custom mobile app development agency presents clients the result in advance with all its aspects at every stage, from the “app architecture map” to the precise color and size of the control buttons. Interface design is one of the activities of our UI design company. UI\UX design services of experienced specialists will efficiently fulfill an order of any complexity. Our UI\UX design services team has extensive experience creating practical and functional system prototypes. We create functional user interface, convenient and understandable. Ultimately, we aim to simplify the online shopping process, allowing you to increase online sales.