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Custom mobile app development services

We specialize in rapid mobile app development, which achieves higher user involvement and tighter interaction with the brand. Make sure your customers are immersed in your value. If you are searching for a custom mobile app development company, look no further.

Our experience in mobile development

We provide a complete specter of mobile application development services:

01 01 Native app development for Android and iOS.
02 02 Cross-platform mobile app development
03 03 Rapid mobile app development
04 04 Development of additional user flows
05 05 Full-circle development from strategy to launch
06 06 Building architecture for enterprise-level applications
02 02 Cross-platform mobile app development
04 04 Development of additional user flows
06 06 Building architecture for enterprise-level applications

We define and create new opportunities

For enterprise-level
  1. We, as mobile app developers, guarantee that your data stays safe on every level of development using the latest encryption technologies.

  2. We provide software scalability of enterprise-level

  3. We provide high-level documentation, that offers a detailed operational description and business context, plus a glossary of objects and terms in the field.

  4. We facilitate the technology stack selection, that is compatible with the current stack and efficient in the long term.

  5. We focus on mobile application development solutions, that produce results for the client.

  6. You can learn more about how we define opportunities for our clients in an iOS app development case study.

For startups
  1. Our process implies that we will easily adapt to any situation.

  2. We, being professional mobile app developers, utilize extensive project management with startup experience for superb communication.

  3. We focus on version control (MVP, V1, V2) so that the client can stay focused on the scope and release after comparing.

  4. Furthermore, we, as a mobile app company, practice a smooth tech stack selection suitable for businesses’ upcoming needs.

  5. We are professional custom mobile app developers, we study users' behavior, emotions, and actions while working with a specific user interface. Also, we engage in creating intricate, though understandable app architecture.

  6. Check out a mobile app development case study for startup, to see for yourself.

Our approach to cross-platform and native, iOS and Android, app development


This stage includes determining the tech stack and a competent team (lead, senior and middle developers, and QA testers.) It also infers envisioning data architecture and server selection. We consider supporting the project needs at every step of the process. When using the help of custom mobile application developers, you getter results.

Version control

Our approach allows clients to change their minds and get back to the previous version at any moment. It also provides growing and modifying the current version of the product. We are flexible in terms of changing or scaling the team working on your project.


We are ready to enhance assets, using the tools for optimizing the code to achieve a better loading speed for faster load and user interaction. When developing a new project, our custom mobile app development agency presents clients the result in advance with all its aspects at every stage, from the “app architecture map” to the precise color and size of the control buttons.


We use both positive and negative testing methodologies to prevent eventuality in the user journey, like invalid data input.


We keep all the projects in-house. Likewise, we, as a mobile app company, believe that working with a tight-knit in-house collective enhances collaboration, ensures the quality of work, and helps our clients get to market faster.

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How a mobile app is developed?


Knowledge transfer and research


Discovery, sitemap, and data architecture


UX/UI design, user testing, and prototyping


Back-End Development


Font-End Development




Launch and support

The most effective way to pass the knowledge within the cooperation process is through project documentation. We strive to avoid any drawbacks and altogether avoid using outdated files and requirements. We keep all data up-to-date, regardless of how time-consuming and tiresome it is. Furthermore, we will find a unique and individual mobile app development solutions for you.

The most recurrent drawback we encounter is a “person-to-person” data exchange. In our teams, we combat this eventuality with frequent face-to-face interactions with the aid of online screen-sharing. It allows us to record and re-play strategy sessions if needed, to avoid all miscommunications and ensure the validity of all the data within the knowledge transfer process.

At discovery, we identify the missing pieces. As a result, we get a deeper understanding of business needs. Moreover, the goals of each flow are defined here. Lead designer and developer work on sitemap and data architecture., correspondingly. They sync their work. As a result, the UX design and the back-end development can start simultaneously. Overall, these preparation steps ensure the rest of the development process is efficient.

At the wireframing stage, a UX designer following a site map and business logic creates all the application screens, flow by the flow. The lead designer creates a design concept and approves it with a client. Then, the UI designer creates a UI design for all the screens. Prototyping allows to streamline the user testing process and reduce the development time. As the last step in the design stage, the motion designer creates the animations to communicate the intended interactions to the front-end developer. Altogether, the developers are now ready to complete all the development.

The back-end part incorporates database and server objects needed to support your mobile app functionality. We are also working with preexisting back-end platforms and their modification. At every step, we are aiming to achieve your desired mobile functionality.

Our front-end mobile development is tailored for the end user's convenience and to fulfill our clients' business needs. We are here to create anything from a demo version, including diagrams and prototypes, live functionality and the mechanics of the application, to the development of a complete product.

The front-end part ensues the creation of interactive user experiences, which uses API and the “back-end part” to manage data, or, in some cases, local data storage. We help our clients choose suitable web programming languages and databases for the back-end and an appropriate tech stack for the front-end.

QA is the third level, and it includes measures at all stages of development of the product to ensure an agreed level of product quality. Again, this is already proactive work because the main task of quality assurance is to build a system that will proactively work on the quality of the product so that the number of defects during testing is minimal. Depending on the project's specifics, this may include documentation testing, code review for compliance with standards, implementation of some quality management techniques, communication activities. Our team makes sure that the newly-added goals and requirements aren't affecting the quality of the software. At its essence, our teams create a specific quality deliverable for each client.

After we've built the foundation to generate sustainable competitive advantages for our clients, we use techniques of adaptable research methodology to support clients after the launch. The market is fluid and ever developing. In about 90 days, the launched product version generates enough user data for our business analyst and UX designer to work together with developers and identify the characteristics of the app acceptance in the target audience. With additional features, flows, or iteration, we are eager to elevate our client's success.

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For entrepreneurs who do business in the online community, creating business mobile applications is vital. Today, the share of requests from mobile devices has increased significantly compared to similar actions made from desktop PCs. Mobile app developers simplify customer/business relationships, make them more convenient and attractive.

Who benefits from mobile app development services


Business owners, to increase user reach and increase customer loyalty, and sales


Heads of organizations, to implement personnel management systems


Startups, to start an online business and attract the first real users

Developing a mobile app will be more exciting and valuable for the e-commerce system, fintech, gastronomy, grocery and restaurant orders delivery, healthcare, travel, and more.
By developing a mobile app, you:

Increase market reach

Push for new acquisitions

Provide fans with additional features and combos

Improve user loyalty

Automate internal processes

Accept and send payments

Features of mobile application development

Our long-term mobile application development clients value:


Audience-oriented results


New user acquisition


Strong relationships with existing customers


Internal process automation

Common Features:

User authentication
Appointment /event management
Billing and payment processing
Text and Email notifications
Location tracking and setup
Auto logout
Multilanguage support
Microservices architecture
Data tracking
Browser compatibility
Visualizing data
Document signing
User Account
API integrations
and other industry-specific features

Our Tech Stack