From Idea to Clickable Prototype in Just 8 Weeks

Learn our proven approach to effective product launch so that you can create a clickable prototype that will validate your MVP and reduce time-to-market.

The ultimate guide to product launch

Product Discovery

Our team will help you clarify your future product details during the product discovery phase. Specifying technical requirements and identifying the scope of your product at this stage can shorten your development timeline and cut your costs.

Then we turn your idea into a tangible, interactive user interface design and validate your product with user testing. Sorting out feasibility and usability issues as soon as possible ensures a smooth transition between product design and development.

Why Clickable Prototype?

  1. Reduce the time it takes for your idea to reach the market

  2. Deliver a product that reflects your user’s needs and meets

  3. Optimize your design and development budget

  4. Maximize your return on investment by following a proven system

  5. Simplify the process of launching a product by setting the right priorities from the start

  6. Ensure financing with a user-tested clickable prototype

  7. Validate your MVP in a short amount of time

  8. Improve communication between the design and development teams

  9. Gain confidence in the functionality of your product by paying attention to detail and resolving usability issues early

  10. Reduce maintenance costs by considering the tech stack and implementation process in advance


  1. User Flow Diagram

  2. User Stories

  3. Clickable Prototype

  4. User Testing

  5. Hourly Rate - 100$

Price Range:
$15,000 – $22,000
8 weeks

Satisfy users' expectations and influence their behaviors on the buyer's journey with strategic design.

Action Steps

The process of creating a clickable prototype involves the following nine steps:


Knowledge Transfer

We conduct a conversation with you and your team to share all relevant information and expectations about the product


Defining User Personas

We create a concise demographic and behavioral description of your typical customer based on a thorough understanding of your users' needs. User personas reflect your users' unique needs, desires, preferences, and pain points


Mapping User Journeys

We map out the steps that each user persona takes while interacting with your product components. Mapping out user journeys can help you identify usability gaps in your product design


Planning User Stories

We write user stories that briefly describe each product feature from the user's perspective. User stories help us clarify which features should be included in the minimum viable product release and which ones could be addressed in subsequent releases. In addition, they facilitate discussions between different team members about product development


Defining the Tech Stack

After the product features have been decided upon, we carefully think through the tech stack and implementation process. We consider the role of third-party APIs, development frameworks, and post-launch strategy for the product's success


Producing UX Wireframes

Our UX designers use project specifications to create wireframes for all product screens. New iterations are implemented relatively quickly based on your feedback at this stage


UI Design

UI designers create a visually appealing graphical interface to establish an emotional connection with your users. High-quality UI design distinguishes your product from the competition and improves customer loyalty


Creating a Prototype

We interlink all designed screens into an interactive prototype that can be user-tested. A polished prototype represents an early model of your product that you can take to the investors and app developers


User Testing

Finally, a clickable prototype undergoes user testing to validate your MVP. Users are presented with a set of tasks based on a specified user journey. Based on the collected feedback, we examine how the product resonates with the users, identify usability issues, and implement necessary updates